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Nov 20, 2013 7:40pm EST
it happy. here they are. read is the way up. a project of city national bank in los angeles provided books to more than 100,000 children. little free library based in wisconsin has established book exchanges in over 7,000 locations around the world. i think we have an example of one in the back over here. you can take a look at. also, we have over there an example from the unit any project based here in new york. portal and temporary spaces this to reading rooms. the uprise project. the book project you loved this based in vancouver, washington. challenges young-underprivileged teens to read by banned books. some of the greatest books are banned by author famous authors and world reader based in seattle, washington provides e-books to poor children in africa. has already delivered over 480,000 books to 10,000 children who read more and better than ever before. i ask the winners to stand and be recognized. let's give them some recognition for this great work. [applause] [applause] all right. now a few years ago people didn't think we were serious when the national book awards -- added an af
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1